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Volunteer in Malawi

While Malawi is a poor country in terms of wealth, it is also a friendly and welcoming one. As a subsistence economy, most Malawians live in rural villages. One of the country’s greatest resources is the beautiful Lake Malawi, which makes up about one third of the country’s area and is home to more species of fish than any other freshwater lake. The population of Malawi is 87% Christian and 11% Islamic, and religion remains an important facet of everyday like for most. Malawi is a functioning multiparty democracy. For all of the hardship, hunger, disease, lack of education and opportunity, the people of Malawi continue to strive for advancement.

Determined to Develop operates from donated office space at Maji Zuwa Water and Sun Resort in Chilumba, Malawi. Maji Zuwa functions as a social entrepreneurship venture encompassing a guesthouse lodge, conference facilities, and community space to accommodate a wide variety of functions.

Meaning “water and sun” in the local Tumbuka language, Maji Zuwa overlooks the beautiful Lake Malawi, the third-largest freshwater lake in Africa and home to over 1,000 species of tropical fish. Its beachside location makes Maji Zuwa a picturesque destination for visitors from near and far. Whether guests are looking for a day trip or overnight stay, Maji Zuwa has the accommodations, including freshly made local meals, a full bar, and lodging, to allow for a comfortable stay. Guided excursions are available, including boating to the nearby Chitende Island or experiencing the local nightlife.

Volunteers who are looking for more than just a typical vacation are hosted at Maji Zuwa. During their stay, they are offered a complete program with a full immersion experience tailored to their individual interests and projects.

Volunteering with D2D gives you the opportunity to see the development work first-hand. In addition, volunteers also experience the beauty of the region while sharing in the culture and warmth of the community.

Maji Zuwa hosts individuals, university students, researchers and welcomes groups; namely leadership programs, high school groups, mission trips, church groups and families looking for an opportunity to combine a vacation with involvement.

To learn more about volunteering in Malawi and Maji Zuwa Water and Sun Resort, please visit