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University of Dayton Students in Malawi Africa

University of Dayton Summer Programs

Another summer has come and gone with our University of Dayton (UD) student visitors, making it our tenth consecutive year to host the students. The group comprises three programs, the Malawi Research Practicum, Education Practicum, and ETHOS. The Practicum and education students depart July 17th, after staying for eight weeks, while the ETHOS students will remain through July 27th to complete their ten-week program.

The research students were tasked with exploring health and nutrition in Malawi, with topics covering household nutrition, fishing practices, permaculture, and community gardens. Each student is paired with a research partner from Malawi’s University of Livingstonia. Together, they conduct fieldwork, interviewing individuals pertaining to their particular topics. Upon returning to UD, the practicum students will finish synthesizing their research, after which it will be presented at the university’s annual Human Rights Conference and used to inform our future initiatives.

The education students, both 2019 graduates, assisted with extended learning programs at Wasambo Boys High School, including morning advisory sessions and after-school tutoring. Additionally, they updated the advisory and non-formal education curricula. The opportunity is reciprocally beneficial, as it supports Wasambo’s ongoing programs while providing future educators with cross-cultural classroom experience.

ETHOS, Engineers in Technical Humanitarian Opportunities of Service Learning, is a program that gives engineering students the opportunity to apply their knowledge in a service-learning capacity. The students placed with us have been working to develop a sustainable water system and map construction projects for Wasambo Boys High School and future Wasambo institutions. UD school of engineering staff will come later this summer to help initiate the water system’s construction process.

We are continually impressed by the quality of the work produced by each of the students and are grateful for the time and energy they commit to their projects. We look forward to continuing our partnership with the university, welcoming cohorts in the years to come.