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Determined to Develop Planting Trees
Determined to Develop Planting Trees
Determined to Develop Malawi Reforestation
Determined to Develop Malawi Planting Trees 2
Determined to Develop Planting TreesDetermined to Develop Malawi ReforestationDetermined to Develop Malawi Planting Trees 2

Tree Planting at Sangilo Community Development Day

Each year, Determined to Develop prepares tree seedlings to be shared within the surrounding communities at the start of rainy season. This year we managed to produce 2000 trees that were to be distributed to our local Primary schools, Community Day secondary Schools and to community members.

At the beginning of February, Sangilo village organized a Community Development Day with the plan to plant trees throughout the village. The community, through the Group Village Headman (GVH) Mtoweranyifwa, was happy to have D2D participate in the event and share seedlings to the community.

700 seedlings were shared and the event was a high success. The trees included Umbrella trees, Acacia trees, and Msangusangu trees. When the planting was done, GVH Mtoweranyifwa gave a few remarks in which he expressed gratitude to the organization and his people, believing that the trees that were planted that day will not just improve the overall beauty of Sangilo Primary School, but also will help protect the school from the heavy winds that have blown the school roof in a number of occasions in the past.

Additional trees have been distributed amongst the Hara and Sangilo villagers, and others were given to Thunduti Community Day Secondary School. Since 2010, D2D has distributed more than 15,000 trees in Chilumba.