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Malawi Students Technical College

Sponsored Students’ First Term at Technical College!

We are excited to see two sponsored students complete their first term of technical college! Yalenga and Glory have been sponsored by D2D since 2015 at the start of their second year of secondary school (high school). As regular members of Girls Club, they remained involved in the program after graduating high school by mentoring the younger members. At the beginning of this year, they began studying Tailoring and Design at Miracle Technical College in the Karonga District of Northern Malawi. This is a marketable program that will allow them to support themselves after receiving their diplomas, either by working in textile production or starting their own tailoring business. Their favorite course is textile technology, where they are learning how to make fabrics. Over the Easter holiday, they returned to our campus, where they put their new skills into action, making pillows and curtains for Maji Zuwa Lodge. We are so proud of these exceptional young women, who are achieving their goals and serving as role models for other girls in the community!