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Determined to Develop Malawi Summer Close

Summer Holiday Comes to a Close

Summer holiday at D2D is as fun as it is busy, with all 45 residential youth back on campus enjoying their time off. The two-month holiday is especially memorable, allowing the boys to come together for quality time, as many of our residential youth attend boarding schools during the school year. Holiday activities around campus include beach soccer, swimming, sun bathing, and watching highly anticipated soccer matches on TV. The boys also devote their time to ongoing projects around campus, such as reforestation and animal husbandry. Additionally, the long holiday provides D2D with time to take care of their residential youth, making many trips to the city of Mzuzu for annual Doctor and Dentist appointments. 

Before school commences on September 16th, D2D hosts an Annual Youth Workshop for all sponsored youth and a Parents & Guardians Open House for our residential youth. The Annual Youth Workshop is a three-day event in which we give seminars, host guest speakers, and plan educational activities to inspire and motivate the sponsored youth to work hard during the upcoming school year. We hope that our workshop reminds our sponsored youth of the importance of education and hard work, their potential to rise above obstacles and become agents of change here in Malawi, and of the continued support they can find at D2D in all aspects of their educational and personal development. The Parents & Guardians Open House also reflects these points, as we open our doors for new and returning parents and guardians of our residential youth to see what D2D is all about. During this all-day event, our Executive Director and our Residential Youth Manager go over the logistics and rules of our Residential Youth Program and our Youth Protection Policies and Practices. For the rest of the day, our residential youth spend time with their families, showing them around campus and introducing them to their friends. 

With summer holiday coming to a close, the bustling campus will begin to quiet down as our youth return to their respective schools to begin to dive into their studies. We are excited to see all that our sponsored youth will accomplish this year!