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Reusable Pads Malawi Determined to Develop

D2D Girls Club Reusable Sanitary Pad Project!

One barrier to educational attainment faced by girls in Malawi is inadequate menstruation education and access to sanitary products. Lacking sanitary products often leads to school absenteeism and dropout, furthering inequity in girls’ education. This is why the D2D Girls’ Club curriculum includes menstruation education lessons and sanitary pad making. We recently held a sanitary pad making project with Standard 7 (7th grade) through Form 4 (12th grade) Girls Club members. After learning how to sew the pads, each girl had to chance to make one for herself. The pads were made using accessible local materials, including chitenge fabric, plastic bags, and buttons, which will allow the girls to repeat the project on their own in the future. The pads are reusable and easy to clean, making them a sustainable and practical alternative to disposable products. The workshop was educational and fun, and it is our hope that involving girls in the sanitary pad making process will give them autonomy over their own menstrual health and allow them to focus on their education.