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How We Work Determined to Develop Malawi

At Determined to Develop (D2D), we take a collaborative approach to our work, and believe that those who live in the area are best able to assess needs and create solutions for the community. We do not impose what we think should be solutions from the top-down, but rather work with community members from the ground-up. Our commitment to collaboration allows us to maximize impact and assist in the development of Chilumba in a responsible and positive way.

All our projects have community ownership, which is demonstrated in two ways:

First, communities are enlisted to identify their needs and solutions, which becomes the basis of our work. We participate in regular village needs assessment meetings attended by Village Headmen (chiefs), local village development committees, women’s groups, civil society leaders, and other community members. It is from these meetings that the concept, planning, and implementation stages of any of our projects begin. Furthermore, all work is vetted by community stakeholders.

Second, communities contribute to the running of each project. Our approach emphasizes the personal responsibility and accountability of all partners involved. This grassroots model for development utilizes local knowledge and ensures that we work in collaboration with traditional leaders and community-based networks, respecting cultural values and traditions. This process is assisted by the community liaison officer, who ensures that we stay fully engaged with everything taking place in the villages and vice versa.

We have expanded our programming, but maintain our focus on a relatively small geographic area of Chilumba, Malawi. Remaining a local organization has a number of benefits. We have developed a strong rapport with stakeholders in the area, which helps us to run our many projects effectively. Working on the ground also allows us to have close and on-going monitoring of all projects, and we pride ourselves on being able to adapt projects where necessary and learn through evaluation. This approach also ensures that all money donated is used in the most cost-effective way, as we have minimal overhead costs.

As a development organization, it is important to us that our initiatives are in-line with those of broader development strategies, both in the national and international context. These strategies include the Karonga District Development Plan, Malawi Growth and Development Strategy III, and the United Nation’s Standard Development Goals. Each of these strategies includes specific actions for improved youth education. By aligning our programs with the initiatives in these development strategies, we ensure that our programs are following the best fit for the development of Malawi.

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Determined to Develop Mothers Day Malawi

Mother’s Day: Time to give credit to a Malawian mother

A Malawian mother goes through many anxieties to make a living. The mothers of Malawi in most families are to the kids: a confidant, a breadwinner, a helper and a solution to many family problems that arise. Without this mother, then most families would fall apart. Ask every child in Malawi, they will tell you that their mother is the best nsima (Malawi’s staple food) cook.

Though often marginalized by society, a woman from Malawi is one powerful lady that most societies would admire. A Malawian mother is a mother of passion, patience, perseverance and practice in most cases. This woman is a woman of distinction, although most days she faces many challenges. This mother still can afford a smile in a day even though she burns out with all the hard work that she has. This mother is a symbol of natural beauty and is the best person you can have as a development partner because she is, humble, dependable and hard working.

The endurance that these mothers go through is manifested in the many groups that they have set up themselves so that they can help to boost their lives and families. These mothers work very hard to help boost their families. As Determined to Develop we are trying our best to boost the life of this ambitious but heavily burdened mother. Determined to Develop supports most of the mother groups in Sangilo. Among the groups that Determined to Develop works with are, Sangilo Mother’s Group, Hara Mother’s Group, Nase Mother’s Group and Tilipo Mother’s Group. We have initiated different projects so that this mother can reach her full potential and continue being a blessing to the nation. These groups work on a number of development projects such as Women’s Revolving Goat Project, school feeding programmes, environment projects and the adult literacy school.

With the HIV/ AIDS pandemic having a devastating impact on many of Africa’s countries, countless women have been forced to head families on their own with either their husbands incapacitated or deceased. A Malawian mother is not spared this difficulty. In our quest to empower the people of Malawi to implement sustainable community-driven solutions that promote human advancement we work hand-in-hand with the women to realize their dreams and work towards equality.

On the 15th of October, Malawi celebrates its women. The mother of our land, a woman of noble character. Despite the tough times that this brave woman undergoes, there is still a lot to celebrate about this woman. This woman has the potential to grow bigger and outshine the world’s expectations. At Determined to Develop, we would like to join all Malawians in giving kudos to Malawian mothers. Happy Mother’s Day Malawian mothers! Yewo Mama.

Tawonga chomene (We thank you)