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Determined to Develop 143 Woodstock Drive Avon Lake, OH 44012
US Phone: 1-440-364-2929

Malawi, Africa Headquarters

Determined to Develop PO Box 135 Chilumba, Malawi
Malawi Phone: +265 (0) 99 515 0023
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Geoff Mzembe – Manager, Boarding and Residential Youth

Geoff has been with Determined to Develop since the beginning, starting the project with Matt in 2010. Geoff has been an integral part of all projects from their inception. Currently, Geoff coordinates all boarding and residential sponsorship programs. He is in charge of the residential home for youth on Maji Zuwa’s campus, looking after the boys full time as their parent. Geoff has a degree in Education, with a focus on Social and Development Studies as well as Geography from the University of Livingstonia. In his free time, Geoff likes to watch and play soccer.

Key responsibilities: Principal Lead for Youth Sponsorship Program; Live-in Youth Program



Ponelo Kalonga – Manager, Women’s Empowerment Initiatives

Ponelo is our outreach staff member in charge of all our Women’s Empowerment and girls programs. Originally from the capital city Lilongwe, Ponelo moved to rural Chilumba to pursue her interest in community development. She studied Community Development and holds a certificate in Women’s development studies. In her free time she likes watching soaps and listening to music

Key responsibilities: Principle liaison with the Community, Project Supervisor for Women’s Empowerment, Goat Loan Program, Girl’s Group



Ruth Chidule – Manager, Education & Youth Support

Ruth comes from Blantyre the southern part of Malawi. She is a holder of Bachelor’s degree in social science development studies obtained from the University of Livingstonia. Ruth coordinates youth sponsorship programs and mainly focus on sponsored youths at local community day secondary schools in Chilumba Area. Ruth is a hard worker and would like to bring a positive change to the youth in Chilumba through Determined to Develop.

Key responsibilities: Coordinating Youth Sponsorship Programs for Local Community day Secondary Schools



Forbes Tembo – Manager, Health, Nutrition & Environment

Forbes holds a diploma in Agriculture from Mwimba College of Agriculture. Forbes Manages Health/Nutrition as well as Environment programs. He is in charge of the school feeding, Tree planting as well as reforestation programs. Forbes is so determined to bring to the community through reforestation in order to create a future Chilumba without wilderness. Forbes is a soccer lover and an Arsenal Fan.

Key responsibilities: Reforestation and Feeding Program



Obed Ganda – Finance Officer/Accountant

Obed’s determination towards his job, has contributed to D2D’s finance office and admin’s success. A holder of Diploma in Business administration majoring finance, Obed is responsible for carrying out finance and accounting with a focus in transactions. Obed ensures that D2D policies and procedures are adhered to, and that financial transactions and records are in compliance with the approved accounting system.

Key responsibilities: Finance, Accounting and Transactions



Ken Mwakalenga – Project Manager, Wasambo High School

Ken has been with Determined to Develop since the beginning, also starting the project with Matt in 2010. Since that time, Ken has been an integral part of all projects. Currently, Ken sprearheads development of the new D2D high school on a part time basis. Ken completed his degree in Education, with a focus on English and Social and Development Studies from the University of Livingstonia. The most social member of the team, Ken is always available to assist on any and all projects for D2D.

Key responsibilities: Principal Lead for New High School Construction & Programming



Wazili Kazembe – Recruitment and Marketing Manager, Wasambo High School

Wazili has a bachelor’s of social science degree, major in development studies obtained from the University of Livingstonia. Wazili is responsible for the Recruitment process and marketing for the new Wasambo High School. As a Social Scientist, WaziIi believe in delivering good results through hardworking and assertiveness. Wazili likes traveling, Reading novels and watching TV.

Key responsibilities: Recruitment and marketing for Wasambo High School



Hope Kondowe – High School Accountant

Hope has a higher diploma in Business management obtained from Lilongwe Technical College. Hope is the man behind the figures for the new high school project. He is playing a very big role by tracking all high school expenses purchase, Monitors building materials and oversees the high school construction. Hope will be so glad to see the Wasambo High School turn into a success.

Key responsibilities: Tracking all high school purchases and expenses



John Pendame – Wasambo High School Project Site Supervisor

John is a highly motivated man with Interests in social work and community development Responsible for supervising the high school construction projects. He does monitor and control performance of the employees at the high school site. John also take part in construction budget expenditures. John enjoys interacting with people along with researching and volunteering in community development.

Key responsibilities: Inspections and supervising sub-contractors and staff of Wasambo High School



Ellie Townend – Volunteer, Project Management & Donor Outreach

Ellie first volunteered in Malawi with the International Citizen’s Service program working on a project hosted by Determined to Develop. She fell in love with the country, the people and the culture and is now working on D2D projects as a support for local staff members. She graduated from the University of East London with a 1st Class BA Honors in International Development and has worked in different developing countries at a grass roots level. She also studied African Development Studies at Stellenbosch University in South Africa and loves to meet new people and travel.

Key responsibilities: Supporting volunteers working on D2D projects, Support for youth sponsorship program, Grant Support