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Celebrating Malawi Cultural Day 2019!

Each year, Determined to Develop hosts a Cultural Day as a way of celebrating and honoring Malawian culture with members of the Chilumba community. We were lucky to have a diverse group of attendees, among which were Wasambo Boys High School staff and students, D2D youth club members, Group Village Headmen, and Senior Chief Wasambo, the Traditional Authority of the Chilumba Catchment Region. Also in attendance were the visiting University of Dayton students, who enjoyed learning more about various traditions of Malawian culture. The day was full of energy and excitement, with youth performances, traditional dances, and commemorative speeches. The day began with lively competitions, including a boat race among local fishermen and a 100-meter dash, which drew a large crowd and lots of excitement. Following the races were performances, including singing and traditional dances. Dance is a central aspect of Malawian culture, with tribes having their own traditional dances, including the Ndolo, Vimbuza, and Malipenga, each of which was performed on Cultural Day. As the performances came to a close, we were honored to have Group Village Headman Mtowerayifa, who oversees Sangilo Village, and TA Wasambo share closing remarks. Cultural Day is a special opportunity for community members to come together in celebration of their culture and share with visitors some of the things that make Malawi the Warm Heart of Africa.