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United States

Determined to Develop
143 Woodstock Drive
Avon Lake OH 44012
US Phone:

Reg Number: 1855096
IRS EIN/Tax ID: 26-4678003
Ohio USA

D2D is a US 501(c)3 tax exempt nonprofit organization

Roy Burgoon
D2D Board Chairperson


Determined to Develop
PO Box 135
Chilumba, Malawi
Malawi Phone:
+265 (0) 995150023

Reg Number: C916/2016
NGO Board of Malawi:
NGO/1/16/035 MW

D2D is registered with the Council for NGO's

Matt Maroon
Executive Director

Kelsey Nauta
Assistant Executive Director

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Malawi Africa Map

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Determined to Develop Malawi Education

Supporting local schools and increasing the overall standard of education in the Chilumba area is important, not just for the success of D2D’s sponsored students who attend these institutions, but also for the other students in attendance and the community’s development as a whole. This is why D2D remains engaged in both the school management committees and the maintenance of the schools’ infrastructures.


Quality nursery school education has been proven to help build a strong foundation for a child’s physical, mental, emotional, and social development. Unfortunately, there are limited resources available for nursery schooling in Malawi at this time. This is why Determined to Develop has kept support for nursery schools a primary area of focus since its inception. 

D2D has helped to build and continues to be involved with the running of 4 local nursery schools. This has included the building of the school infrastructure, running of feeding programs, development of the school curriculum, provision of materials, and training of teachers. In total, Determined to Develop has supported the nursery education of 2,800 children.


Determined to Develop provides support for local primary schools as well, having established latrines and built a kitchen at the nearby Sangilo Primary School.


Determined to Develop has supported its local high school, Khwawa Secondary School, by electrifying the whole campus, building two classrooms which are used by 400 students each day, and establishing latrines. The organization is now in the process of constructing a new kitchen at Khwawa Secondary School to improve the health and safety standards for students and staff members. D2D also contributes to Khwawa and other local secondary schools in the form of books, science equipment, desks, and teacher trainings.