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Geoff Mzembe

Meet Our Staff: Geoff Mzembe

Geoff Mzembe has been with D2D since its outset in 2009 when he joined Executive Director Matt Maroon and three others in founding the organization we have today. Geoff had just earned a degree in Education from the University of Livingstonia, specializing in Geography and Development Studies when he joined the D2D team. Having been a sponsored student himself, Geoff felt a personal connection to D2D’s mission and was eager to have a hand in developing his community. “I was a sponsored youth myself as my dad was struggling and couldn’t manage to pay for my education. Matt had set me up with sponsors in the US when I was in school and when he shared his ideas about starting an organization to made education more accessible, I knew I wanted to join him.”

Geoff’s started out with D2D as a Residential Youth Manager, where he looked after 68 youth for two years. Following this, he transitioned to Program Officer and later to the position he currently holds as External Relations & Sponsorship Manager. Through his work with D2D, Geoff has demonstrated his passion and dedication to its vision and mission and plans to stay with the organization in the long run. “I love my job because it’s diverse and exposes me to many different people and offices around Malawi. I am able to offer the expertise I have gained throughout these past ten years and advocate for my community. I am happy to be a part of such a wonderful organization.” Geoff believes that D2D will continue to grow as its recognition within Malawi and across the globe expands. He is looking forward to its future expansion and is up for the challenge.