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Residential Youth Begin Their First Term at University!

With the new year comes new and exciting developments for many of D2D’s youth. This month, 3 of D2D’s residential youth will be starting their first term at university.

At the end of every school year, high school seniors take their Malawi Secondary Certificate Examination (MSCE), a national exam whose scores determine which universities and programs students can apply to. All exams are graded by hand, so students must wait until mid-October to receive their results. Students that have scored well then begin to apply to universities and colleges all over Malawi. Having been out of school for many months, the students are delighted to get back into the classroom and start the next chapter of their lives.

Solomon, Enoch and Emmanuel have all been accepted to the University of Livingstonia, one of Malawi’s top universities. They will pursue degrees in Education, Sustainable Agriculture, and Business Administration, respectively. We sat down with Enoch and Solomon to share with you their thoughts and excitements about this upcoming term!


It’s very exciting to be moving on to a new chapter in my life and to experience a new lifestyle change. I have decided to study Sustainable Agriculture because I want to help develop Malawi and its economy is dependent on agriculture. I want to learn new skills and practices that I can bring to my own and other communities to improve the way they grow crops. I have always loved plants, growing them and especially harvesting them. It’s something I’m already interested in so it’s great that I can study it in school and help in the development of the country as well as support my family in the future. I’d like to work for the ministry of agriculture but my end goal is to have my own farm. The transition to university from secondary will be challenging but I am ready to get back to school again.


I am excited because I can finally start the journey of becoming a teacher. I chose to study education because I would like to share knowledge with youth the same way my teachers did to me. Right now, in Malawi, there are very few teachers. There are many more students and not very many people to teach them. I want to help change this and make sure everyone is able to be educated. I plan to specialize in History and Geography because they remind us of what has happened in the past so we can learn from it. As a developing country, we do not want to make the same mistakes that we and other countries have made in the past. University will be great because I will be able to explore the new opportunities that will be open to me and expand my mind. It will be challenging to get used to a new environment and the way classes are taught but I feel prepared.