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United States

Determined to Develop
143 Woodstock Drive
Avon Lake OH 44012
US Phone:

Reg Number: 1855096
IRS EIN/Tax ID: 26-4678003
Ohio USA

D2D is a US 501(c)3 tax exempt nonprofit organization

Roy Burgoon
D2D Board Chairperson


Determined to Develop
PO Box 135
Chilumba, Malawi
Malawi Phone:
+265 (0) 995150023

Reg Number: C916/2016
NGO Board of Malawi:
NGO/1/16/035 MW

D2D is registered with the Council for NGO's

Matt Maroon
Executive Director

Kelsey Nauta
Assistant Executive Director

Malawi Map 1
Malawi Africa Map

D2D on social media:

Where is your Malawi, Africa office located?

Our Malawi, Africa headquarters are located in Chilumba, Karonga District in the northern part of Malawi. We serve a catchment area of 30,000 people within the surrounding villages.

Determined to Develop
PO Box 135
Chilumba, Malawi

Malawi Phone: +265 99 515 0023

Does Determined to Develop have an office in the United States?

Yes! In the United States, Determined to Develop can be reached at the address and phone number below:

Determined to Develop
143 Woodstock Drive
Avon Lake, OH 44012

US Phone: 1-440-364-2929

Is Determined to Develop currently hiring in Malawi?

Currently there are no positions available. Please check back and we will post any future opportunities here.

Can I volunteer with Determined to Develop in Malawi?

Yes! Determined to Develop has partnered with a lodge called Maji Zuwa (meaning water and sun in the local ChiTumbuka language), located on the shore of Lake Malawi in a rural area of northern Malawi. This lodge serves as the headquarters for all of our volunteer opportunities.

Determined to Develop’s comprehensive program allows our volunteers to give back in a more “on the ground” approach as you balance service and fun. Determined to Develop volunteers work directly with the people of Malawi to improve their community. Volunteers are encouraged to connect with the local culture and open themselves up to an experience that few ever get. Determined to Develop volunteers visit expecting to help others but often have their hearts touched in a way which literally transforms their lives.

While with Determined to Develop, volunteers will be involved with specific projects where either they have a skillset or where there is the greatest need. If you are traveling with a group, projects will be determined by both the group’s interest and the availability of projects at the time of your travel. 

Please email for more information about our comprehensive volunteer program in Malawi.

What is Determined to Develop's primary source of funding?

Determined to Develop relies primarily on the generosity of our individual donors. Our small, local operation means we personally oversee every donation we receive and we make sure that every dollar is spent as efficiently as possible. According to our last audit, Determined to Develop had only 3% overheard costs, with a full 97% of donations going directly to projects in Malawi, Africa.

What are Determined to Develop's plans for for future growth?

Determined to Develop has positioned itself as a strategic innovator in ideas, with education as its main focus. In the past few years, we have expanded our programming to include girls’ empowerment initiatives, school sponsorship of more students from the local community, and the launching of a high school. In the future, D2D will continue to develop replicable, education-focused ideas for economic and social empowerment, and plans to open both a girl’s school and technical college. We will also partner with other non-governmental organizations and government stakeholders to share best practices, so that our unique experience working in Northern Malawi can be shared, replicated, and scaled up. For more in-depth information, please take a look at the D2D Strategic Plan (2019-2023).