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Develop D2D Think Malawi

Welcome to D2D Think, the home of our ideas for development solutions. Based on our mission to empower, through education, the people of Malawi, we have identified local challenges through community collaboration and research with the aim of creating sustainable solutions to address issues. Through sharing our thinking, we hope to allow others to replicate and scale-up our work, positively affecting the largest number of beneficiaries possible.

What is the challenge?

Working at a grassroots level daily, we are able to work closely with the community to identify the most pertinent and pressing issues at hand. Needs assessments are conducted regularly, at which time local community members identify both the challenges being faced, and the possible solutions. These assessments are necessary to ensure that the findings explored, and subsequent solutions, are relevant and applicable to the community in which we work.

What are the findings?

Through primary research we investigate and analyze challenges in the local context. A majority of this research is conducted by visiting university students from the USA, and abstracts from their academic papers have been included where possible. In these cases, all research has passed rigorous ethical oversight to ensure that no Malawians are negatively impacted.

What is the solution?

Using research findings and input from the local community, we create, develop, implement and evaluate tangible solutions to address challenges. Much has been learned from this process, which we hope to share with others working in the development sector. Our research falls under four broad themes; formal education, non-formal education, NGO management, and community projects. These themes fall in line with our program areas and expertise, so as to best promote evidence-based innovation. The information provided is meant to inform and inspire grassroots leaders and development professionals alike. We have links to document and resources, whenever possible, which we believe can be of use to other grassroots leaders.