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D2D Back to School
D2D Back to School
Determined to Develop Malawi Back to School
D2D Back to SchoolDetermined to Develop Malawi Back to School

Back to School

Before the start of each and every term, D2D organizes a youth workshop designed to gear up the sponsored youths as they are going back to school. For more than six hours all the sponsored youths gather in the pavilion to listen to different topics and advices that are prepared by the D2D staff member, and also to talk to one another about how they are preparing for their new term. This year was no different as over 180 sponsored youths came for the workshop.
A number of lessons were planned to be delivered to the sponsored youth, such as lessons about being a positive initiator, being responsible, managing upkeep at school, and about being able to stand up for oneself.

The workshop also included a long career talk from Frackson Mhango, an alumni of D2D’s Residential Youth Program. Frackson obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Social Science: Human Rights, at the University of Livingstonia in 2017 and now works with the Karonga District Council’s Department of Youth. His work revolves around motivating young people to take a stand in the development of the country.

Frackson introduced his career talk by reminding the sponsored youth that not long ago he was sitting on the very same chair where they were sitting, listening to different talks which motivated him to be where he is now. He then encouraged the youth to work hard for them to pursue their dreams. He further emphasized on the importance of pursuing vocational courses, such as brick laying, carpentry and joinery, and electrical installation and plumbing. At the end of the day students were given a chance to explain some important things that they got from the workshop and everyone was in top spirits to return to school. We wish all of our sponsored youth a great term and we look forward to our next workshop in August.